Y'all pedos really need to learn what a honey pot is, you just successfully confirmed you are a nonce.

Lmao when a nonce goes through my mastadon to fucking flame me, you know I can domain block you though this right?

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Just a reminder that a conservative goverment cannot be trusted with any levers of power.

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There's a workmate i disagree with in just about everything. He's a deeply religious British tory "expat" (migrant), I'm.... Definitely Not.

But today we genuinely bonded over how much H. Kissinger sucks and how much harm he's done and how he cannot possibly suffer enough.

So that's my daily #gratitude today: for the times our common disgust at historical monsters can bring us together.

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鬼神 Reap Em All 1997
I am trash girl
410,757,864,530 DEAD NIMBYS

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This Valentine's day, share the love to the Vala community by donating to our maintainer, Rico!

You can donate at the following links below:

Thank you! ❤️

#vala #valentinesday2023

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This is a killer opening line to any software history section

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I actually don't want Twitter to go down because it serves a very important role in keeping a lot of obnoxious people away from other platforms

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VICE News takes a look at how Bellingcat discovered that US servicemen inadvertently leaked secrets about nuclear weapons in Europe via online flashcard apps.


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Bici Bus (Bike Bus) is one of the best things that can happen to your city and your fellow children citizens! Why?

1. It reduces traffic congestion
2. It improves air quality
3. It promotes physical activity
4. It allows parents and children to have quality time together
5. It doesn't distinguish between rich and poor families
6. It is fun!

Original video: youtube.com/watch?v=_0OQPp2Y53

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NASA doesn’t usually allow animals in portraits.

But in 2009, astronaut Leland Melvin snuck his adorable rescue dogs, Jake & Scout, into Johnson #Space Center for his official picture.

In addition to going on 2 space missions, Melvin had been drafted into the NFL. He’s now an advocate for STEAM education & animal welfare. lelandmelvin.com

Sadly, Jake & Scout passed away, but when Melvin published his 2017 memoir Chasing Space, he chose this wonderful photo for the cover. #HistoryRemix

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